Transitional Housing

How it works

LI-BER-T House services are available to women being released from prison or rehab who have no fixed address. Women who are ready to change their lifestyles and patterns, and to become independent and self-sufficient members of our society.

Each client is eligible for up to six months of housing as long as they remain abstinent from drugs/alcohol, pay their monthly stipend and actively participate in either back to work or back to school initiatives. 

Services provided

LI-BER-T House offers dependency counselling, mentoring, community resource support and tailored services and programs to meet the specific needs of each client. 


The Empowering Individual 6 Step program is an important tool: 


  • Step 1-Personal Development= Financial/social aid, budget, Self-care/medical, exercise, clothing, action plan
  • Step 2-Vocational Development= Register with back to work/school program 
  • Step 3-Substance Abuse Prevention= Regular drug testing, Counselling, Relapse prevention methods
  • Step 4-Inter-personal Skills= Participation in groups, Social settings, Extra-curricular activities
  • Step 5-Community Involvement= Volunteer work, Employment, Housing
  • Step 6-Independent Living & Back to Society= Moving on, After care, Follow up