Leadership Team

Liane Berry, Executive Director

 Liane Berry is the driving force behind  LI-BER-T House. She is an award-winning community leader, celebrated author, recovering drug addict, and rehabilitated former repeat criminal who has been completely abstinent since May 1st, 2014. Since that time, she has been active in recovery circles helping countless women stay clean and sober, and is a sought after motivational speaker.   

Board of Directors


Sean Berry, President

is an executive management leader with a unique combination of business experience and expertise in the fields of Customer Service, B2B Services and Non-Profit Management. Sean has an extensive volunteering background and has served on numerous Boards and committees. 

Victoria LeBlanc, Secretary

is a writer/ curator and artist with over 35 years experience in communications and administration in the cultural, government and education sectors. She has extensive experience in the non-profit industry and has served on the BoD for several organizations. 

Anthony Di Staulo, Director

is a Montreal based lawyer. As a member of the Québec Bar since 2016, Anthony has worked in many different legal domains including Civil Law, Family Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law and Transport Law. Anthony has been recognized for competent research and detailed opinion drafting in line with the best practices of the legal profession. 

Danielle Lee, Director

has been working in the Event Marketing industry for the past 10 years with experience in sales, recruiting, HR, training and staff development. One of Danielle's passions is volunteering for the non-profit organization Animatch.

Susan Doherty, Director

is currently Director of Marketing and Product Development in the building product industry with over 20 years of progressive experience. Susan’s focus on community has led her to volunteer opportunities with organizations such as Hockey Helps the Homeless and Scouts Canada.